Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First Christmas Together

Nathan and I spent our 1st Christmas together married! This was also our 1st Christmas without our Families. Nathan and I are very close to our families so this was very hard. Luckily, we knew well in advance that we wouldn't be able to go home for Christmas, so this gave me a lot of time to prepare myself. My mother-in-law was a great help. I was able to talk to her about it because she lived in a different state then her family. She was able to ofter words of wisdom from someone who had walked in my shoes. My mom was also a huge help, nothing beats a mother love, and my mom is always so strong and wise. Christmas came and I think Nathan and I realize that it was going to be harder then we thought. We both had to work on Christmas Eve, so that help pass the time. We were planning and looking forward to Christmas Eve service but the snow didn't allow it. Nathan and I found it easier by trying to think of fun things we could start as a family. Like, watching a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve, and making Breakfast, and a nice dinner on Christmas, etc. On Christmas morning I decided to get up a make a nice breakfast for Nathan and his brother Philip (who spent Christmas with us). I ended up having to wake Nathan up...I wrecked the hash browns so bad the boys said they were going to eat them anyway but each after one bite made a face and I said they didn't have to. Spending Christmas with my husband was amazing. Waking up in our home, and spending it together was so nice. I look forward to the Christmases when we have kids (someday) and watching them on Christmas!

I was also able to see all of my family on Christmas Eve, thanks to a Web Cam! I enjoyed getting to see all the kids and family and talking to them while seeing them! We do need to find a better web cam system for the future.