Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First Christmas Together

Nathan and I spent our 1st Christmas together married! This was also our 1st Christmas without our Families. Nathan and I are very close to our families so this was very hard. Luckily, we knew well in advance that we wouldn't be able to go home for Christmas, so this gave me a lot of time to prepare myself. My mother-in-law was a great help. I was able to talk to her about it because she lived in a different state then her family. She was able to ofter words of wisdom from someone who had walked in my shoes. My mom was also a huge help, nothing beats a mother love, and my mom is always so strong and wise. Christmas came and I think Nathan and I realize that it was going to be harder then we thought. We both had to work on Christmas Eve, so that help pass the time. We were planning and looking forward to Christmas Eve service but the snow didn't allow it. Nathan and I found it easier by trying to think of fun things we could start as a family. Like, watching a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve, and making Breakfast, and a nice dinner on Christmas, etc. On Christmas morning I decided to get up a make a nice breakfast for Nathan and his brother Philip (who spent Christmas with us). I ended up having to wake Nathan up...I wrecked the hash browns so bad the boys said they were going to eat them anyway but each after one bite made a face and I said they didn't have to. Spending Christmas with my husband was amazing. Waking up in our home, and spending it together was so nice. I look forward to the Christmases when we have kids (someday) and watching them on Christmas!

I was also able to see all of my family on Christmas Eve, thanks to a Web Cam! I enjoyed getting to see all the kids and family and talking to them while seeing them! We do need to find a better web cam system for the future.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wedding pictures!!!

All of my wedding pictures have now been posted!!! Keep in mind, they are NOT in order. Some are posted more then once. I'm looking forward to getting the proofs, printing and hanging up in frames around our home. Enjoy!!

Seven Random Things:

1. I just changed Colleges, and degree path. I start school on Monday and I'm ready to get it done and over with...So, I can have babies!
2. As, of now...I'm a stay at home WIFE, which can be really boring (I know some day I will look back and eat those words).
3. I'm becoming a good cook- for which my husband is very thankful for.
4. I'm very is my husband
5. I'm a poor sport- but working on it.
6. My favorite movie is now: Seven brides for seven brothers... (I love the June Bride Song)
7. I love to

Friday, September 26, 2008

New Path...

So after a long few weeks...and the last week I have spent mostly in tears. I have decided that I need to write it out, in hopes that I will feel a little better. Although, I find myself writing it out on my blog which I don't do alot. I always post things on myspace, I think if I posted here less would read, and not as many people would know my weakness.
I have been in school the last years...and I am so close to being done. But, there is one thing that stands in my way...four letters..math. Now, this may sound crazy. I understand math and can do it just find, but it's the test that get me everytime. And at eastern you can pass the homework, quizzies, etc...but it you don't do good on the exams...then your done.
In hopes to over come this, I talked to eastern and was info that I could take an online course and then transfer it to eastern, which would allow me to take the one class I need. So, Nathan and I paid $850 dollars for this class. I then, went to transfer the class and the chair decided he didn't like the class because the way the test(s) was and not a on paper in person.
Needless, to say it took forever to get this information from him, which I got this week.
I'm not a person to "fight" with people.....but I did inform him that there was more then one way to test someone's knowledge then just a paper exam....the math nerd didn't like this comment needless to say. But maybe since I work with children so much and love kids with special needs, that I know for a fact all kids don't learn the same, and you can't test them all the same.
So...first: I will not being attending Eastern...this was like a dream blowing up in my face...I was planning on walking this year...but with out the math that I need to get in to student's hopeless. I have not handled this well....I have spent a lot time crying, laying on the bed, not eating, and cuddling with Nathan. I have really beat myself up about this.
Second: I'm looking at finishing my degree online through WGU, but I'm waiting for everything to go through and things to be transfer....praying everything transfers.
Third: I will be working....I'm looking for a job now. This is not fun, and I would like maybe something other then daycare.
---It's easy to say that I feel like a complete loser, and failure. These are not easy feelings to over come. Nathan as been watching me with the online math class I'm now finishing and he gets upset because I KNOW the math, it's just something about the testing. I did talk to eastern about this and they gave me some books to read. Which didn't help a lot. My test scores went up in other classes, but not math.
The most upsetting part is that most people don't know I WAS ON THE DEANS LIST, I'm wasn't a bad student.
But God has blessed me with an amazing husband who has been full of hugs, kisses and cuddling and up lifting words. He even had my favorite dinner the other night in hopes of getting me to eat. I did eat a little, but I don't feel like much of anything.
So, my life is going down another I didn't plan on and didn't want to take. But I keep graping onto that little bit of trust, hope, faith or whatever it is that God is doing something...and has something in PLAN....what the plan is I don't know...and the waiting is killing me. I want to have it all planned out in my planner for the year. So, There's my heart.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So, last week I went to puyallup for a wedding, and it was so much fun. I saw a lot of people from highschool, and it was so fun to see how people have changed.

Then, on Sunday we got a call that my aunt was taken to the Hospital, we picked her husband up and rushed up there. (I need to add, that my family is very close to their family and my aunt did A LOT of stuff for our wedding- so I'm really close to my aunt). She had a stroke, and she has a blood clot. I spent most of monday at the hospital, and then monday night I stayed the whole night with her. I didn't sleep because her nurses weren't that great, and I was worried. But on Tuesday morning when her PT came in, she was able to walk to the door and back with help. But this was an amzing moment, and a huge Blessing. She is able to talk a little, but it's really hard and She has problems with it. On monday they gave her choclate pudding, and she LOVED it. She would take a bite and then sit there and say "mmm", so on tuesday morning she looked at me and said "I...I..I....I want...mmmm" I said "o you want choclate pudding?" the look on her face so funny, she started shaking her head yes and looked like she had just won something. I told her we would ask her nurse, and that I was sure she could have some. So, later when the nurse came, she looked at the nurse and said "I..I....I....I want..." and then she looked at me with this priceless look, and I had to laugh and then I told the nurse that she wanted choclate pudding, and then she started smiling. On tuesday her husband brought her a radio and she was so happy to listen to country music.

I left the hospital tuesday, went to my parents and showered, and left for the airport. When I first saw nathan at the airport I just broke down. Because I knew I didn't have to be strong for him. I got a call last night and they moved her room, next to the ICU, but she isn't in the ICU. They put her there so the nurses will check her every hour. They are also running a test today, because her strong side (left) was tinglying. ( So, I will update on that).

But please keep her in prayer and the family.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last Week in Review

On Saturday my parents came to town, and we had a ton of fun hanging out. My dad put up a clothes line for me on the deck, and my mom steamed my curtains for me. We went out to dinner, and swimming at their hotel. I will post pictures of my cool clothes line, and stuff later.

Life is going crazy. I was having a few health problems, so I went to the Doctor, and the first thing they rushed into was that I might be pregnant, and they ran and test and then made me sit there and wait. As I sat there I thought about what would happen if the test came back positive, and then what if the test was negative, Truth is I really couldn't think either way- All I could think about is how much I wanted Nathan there holding my hand.

Well, after the doctor talking for what seemed like forever, she finally told me the test was negative. And then she moved on to what else might be causing the problem and treated it.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Little Brother

These last two weeks my little brother craig has been staying with us. I have to say i have enjoyed it a lot! He went to VBS the first week, while I worked VBS. This last week we both went to silverwood for the first time ever!!! we had sooo much fun!! we stayed in the water park side the whole day and was shocked when they said it was closing time! He ran into a little trouble in the wave pool, and i had to save him. (i guess the lifeguard training from the YMCA payed off). Although my mom wasn't happy to hear about it. He also had to work up the guts to go down the slides because he is between kid and teen...but we went down the slides in the double tube and after the first one he was hooked. i had so much fun!! He also went to my work with me (nanny). He told me i needed to grow up. because the kids i watch are 4 years old (on Saturday) and little over 1 year old. i play with them, I'm not one of those nannies who just sits there. So, he thought i was acting like a little kid, well i guess i was. i mean playing my little ponies, and all. I also taught him about the laundry mat, that was fun! We also cooked dinner, clean the car, and went shopping, went out to lunch and to a movie. The garland is so nice! We went to a $3.50 movie! anyways, my parents are coming over on saturday to pick him up. And we have some projects to do. my dad is going to build me a clothes line for my deck that i can put up and take down when i need to. he is also going to help put legs on our couch, and hang our new mirror. so i will put up pictures and add more later!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

First Blog

I just got married to Nathan in June. Our wedding went great, and the honeymoon was amazing. We just finished unpacking our boxes into our new apartment about a week ago. Married life is great! The hardest problem i have is thinking of ideas for dinner. Cleaning and keeping up with all those details really comes down to having a plan. Needless to say, I need a plan or schedule of some type. Here are some photo's from family and friends that were at the wedding. Enjoy!