Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So, last week I went to puyallup for a wedding, and it was so much fun. I saw a lot of people from highschool, and it was so fun to see how people have changed.

Then, on Sunday we got a call that my aunt was taken to the Hospital, we picked her husband up and rushed up there. (I need to add, that my family is very close to their family and my aunt did A LOT of stuff for our wedding- so I'm really close to my aunt). She had a stroke, and she has a blood clot. I spent most of monday at the hospital, and then monday night I stayed the whole night with her. I didn't sleep because her nurses weren't that great, and I was worried. But on Tuesday morning when her PT came in, she was able to walk to the door and back with help. But this was an amzing moment, and a huge Blessing. She is able to talk a little, but it's really hard and She has problems with it. On monday they gave her choclate pudding, and she LOVED it. She would take a bite and then sit there and say "mmm", so on tuesday morning she looked at me and said "I...I..I....I want...mmmm" I said "o you want choclate pudding?" the look on her face so funny, she started shaking her head yes and looked like she had just won something. I told her we would ask her nurse, and that I was sure she could have some. So, later when the nurse came, she looked at the nurse and said "I..I....I....I want..." and then she looked at me with this priceless look, and I had to laugh and then I told the nurse that she wanted choclate pudding, and then she started smiling. On tuesday her husband brought her a radio and she was so happy to listen to country music.

I left the hospital tuesday, went to my parents and showered, and left for the airport. When I first saw nathan at the airport I just broke down. Because I knew I didn't have to be strong for him. I got a call last night and they moved her room, next to the ICU, but she isn't in the ICU. They put her there so the nurses will check her every hour. They are also running a test today, because her strong side (left) was tinglying. ( So, I will update on that).

But please keep her in prayer and the family.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last Week in Review

On Saturday my parents came to town, and we had a ton of fun hanging out. My dad put up a clothes line for me on the deck, and my mom steamed my curtains for me. We went out to dinner, and swimming at their hotel. I will post pictures of my cool clothes line, and stuff later.

Life is going crazy. I was having a few health problems, so I went to the Doctor, and the first thing they rushed into was that I might be pregnant, and they ran and test and then made me sit there and wait. As I sat there I thought about what would happen if the test came back positive, and then what if the test was negative, Truth is I really couldn't think either way- All I could think about is how much I wanted Nathan there holding my hand.

Well, after the doctor talking for what seemed like forever, she finally told me the test was negative. And then she moved on to what else might be causing the problem and treated it.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Little Brother

These last two weeks my little brother craig has been staying with us. I have to say i have enjoyed it a lot! He went to VBS the first week, while I worked VBS. This last week we both went to silverwood for the first time ever!!! we had sooo much fun!! we stayed in the water park side the whole day and was shocked when they said it was closing time! He ran into a little trouble in the wave pool, and i had to save him. (i guess the lifeguard training from the YMCA payed off). Although my mom wasn't happy to hear about it. He also had to work up the guts to go down the slides because he is between kid and teen...but we went down the slides in the double tube and after the first one he was hooked. i had so much fun!! He also went to my work with me (nanny). He told me i needed to grow up. because the kids i watch are 4 years old (on Saturday) and little over 1 year old. i play with them, I'm not one of those nannies who just sits there. So, he thought i was acting like a little kid, well i guess i was. i mean playing my little ponies, and all. I also taught him about the laundry mat, that was fun! We also cooked dinner, clean the car, and went shopping, went out to lunch and to a movie. The garland is so nice! We went to a $3.50 movie! anyways, my parents are coming over on saturday to pick him up. And we have some projects to do. my dad is going to build me a clothes line for my deck that i can put up and take down when i need to. he is also going to help put legs on our couch, and hang our new mirror. so i will put up pictures and add more later!