Friday, August 1, 2008

Little Brother

These last two weeks my little brother craig has been staying with us. I have to say i have enjoyed it a lot! He went to VBS the first week, while I worked VBS. This last week we both went to silverwood for the first time ever!!! we had sooo much fun!! we stayed in the water park side the whole day and was shocked when they said it was closing time! He ran into a little trouble in the wave pool, and i had to save him. (i guess the lifeguard training from the YMCA payed off). Although my mom wasn't happy to hear about it. He also had to work up the guts to go down the slides because he is between kid and teen...but we went down the slides in the double tube and after the first one he was hooked. i had so much fun!! He also went to my work with me (nanny). He told me i needed to grow up. because the kids i watch are 4 years old (on Saturday) and little over 1 year old. i play with them, I'm not one of those nannies who just sits there. So, he thought i was acting like a little kid, well i guess i was. i mean playing my little ponies, and all. I also taught him about the laundry mat, that was fun! We also cooked dinner, clean the car, and went shopping, went out to lunch and to a movie. The garland is so nice! We went to a $3.50 movie! anyways, my parents are coming over on saturday to pick him up. And we have some projects to do. my dad is going to build me a clothes line for my deck that i can put up and take down when i need to. he is also going to help put legs on our couch, and hang our new mirror. so i will put up pictures and add more later!

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