Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seven Random Things:

1. I just changed Colleges, and degree path. I start school on Monday and I'm ready to get it done and over with...So, I can have babies!
2. As, of now...I'm a stay at home WIFE, which can be really boring (I know some day I will look back and eat those words).
3. I'm becoming a good cook- for which my husband is very thankful for.
4. I'm very is my husband
5. I'm a poor sport- but working on it.
6. My favorite movie is now: Seven brides for seven brothers... (I love the June Bride Song)
7. I love to

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Sarah and Andrew said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!! I love that movie! That's such a great movie! I needs to get me that movie on DVD someday. I think musicals are rather lovely...they are quite escapist.
Right now my favorite movie is 16 Candles though. I kind of have this obsession with the 80's....which Andrew is not so happy about!:D