Monday, February 2, 2009

Amazing Cubbies

This is my second year running the Cubbies program at the Church. All of my Cubbies this year are Second year Cubbies, which means two things 1) I had them all last year 2) This is their last year with me. Next, year they move up to Sparky's. I was talking to Nathan after Club last week and realize...I'm going to miss these Cubbies a lot. While I am very proud of them for moving up to sparks, I'm still very sad that they will not be in my class. These kids are amazing. They all have amazing parents and it shows. Our cubbie class is small this year because last year we had a lot of cubbies move up to sparks...I should add I miss them too. But, I always get a smile and wave from them.

Anyways, I know I will get new cubbies and they will be amazing. I just wanted to write about my amazing Cubbies I have now!

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Sarah and Andrew said...

Wow. I remember when my sisters used to be in Cubbies and Sparks and Whirlybirds and all that. I was never lucky enough to get to do it! Enjoy your time with them! Hope these cubbies wave to you too!:)