Saturday, July 4, 2009

the hunt is over....

Nathan and I have just bought our first house! We are moving from the downtown to the South Hill. This is our second night in the house and we are sleeping in sleeping bags, and cleaning during the day. However, we did take a break today and Nathan went shooting with a friend and I went yard saling with a friend!
The last two days have been nothing but a complete overload in every sense for the both of us.
The house was so dirty...Luckily at this point the only thing left to clean is the kitchen. Sunday we will be moving everything in.
One lesson I learned already was what a amazing cleaning tool an old tooth brush is!!! I cleaned the downstairs bathroom tonight and I was so thankful I had my handy tooth brush to help me!

Sleeping has been hard the last few nights...that's why I'm writing on my blog this late. I'm not sure why I can't sleep. Maybe it's because I can't hear other people taking showers, or maybe its that the train doesn't shake my bedroom anymore. Yes, it's true in our old apartment every time the train came by our bedroom would shake, and I mean shake!

Nathan and I were in Puyallup the other weekend and since we have the house now, we were able to bring my cat Tucker James back to Spokane with us. He is living outside and I think he likes it. The first night was funny...the crows in our backyard didn't like the idea of a cat living there. So, a face off between Tucker and the crows started. Crows are ugly and LOUD. One of the crows dived bomb Tucker...which lead to tucker jumping up and trying to get the crow.
I believe at this point Tuck has won. He is walking around like he owns the place and I haven't heard the crows.

Buying this house was a God thing. It's a long story. But, we were just about giving up when this house went up on the market. Then, everything fell into place. I think they cut down about 1,000 trees to make all the paper for the paperwork that we had to sign...honestly when I saw the stack of paper, I wanted to be a kid again and not adult because I knew as an adult I was going to have to sit at that table while we went through all those papers!!

Happy 4Th of July.

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Sarah and Andrew said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!!.....and jealous....:-D
That is just so awesome! Please post more picture sooon! I am dying to know what everything looks like! Enjoy your time, you guys are making awesome memories!!!!!