Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two little puppies

Juno with her ball.

Nathan & Juno in our backyard.

Zoey & I after her 1st bath @ home. Zoey on our bed looking cute.
These are some pictures of our puppies. Zoey is a sheltie and is about 13 or 14 weeks old. She has yet to learn where to go potty. This is a huge problem. I have tried so many different things, and just when I think she has it down, we take three steps backwards. Besides the potty issues, Zoey is a great dog and has taken more to me then Nathan. Which is kinda funny, because we bought Zoey for Nathan and Juno for me.

As you can guess Juno (our other dog) has taken to Nathan. Juno loves Nathan so much that if he is outside and the window in open and she hears him, she runs to window to see him. Juno also likes to cuddle with Nathan. This is funny to watch because Juno is not small like Zoey. Juno is a mix of lab and blue heeler and she is full grown. However she seems to think she fits on Nathan's lap.
It's safe to say having two puppies- we will not be having babies anytime soon. The puppies are a lot of work, and a handful. Although we love both of them and enjoy spending time with the puppies and watching them play together.
We are settling into the house, and have started working on it. Both of our parents have been over to help us work on the house this summer, which was really nice. Nathan is doing good and preparing for tax season which is slowly coming up. I'm doing great and I just got hired on at Spokane Public Schools # 81. It's not teaching, but it allows me to get my foot in the door. I will be taking care of / helping a sped boy who is in a wheelchair but using a walker (from what I'm told so far).


Sarah and Andrew said...

I am so glad you guys are doing well!!! Your PUPPIES ARE ADORABLE! And I love the names!! The pictures are great too! We just got a kitten, Ellie, like seven months ago...she's absolutely NUTS but we love her anyway!:) I will have to post a picture of her on my blog sometime. I hope you guys are doing well and keep doing well! I am so happy that you guys found a house! I am like so excited for you! I hope you really enjoy it and that it's starting to feel like home for you.
Talk to you later,

K said...

Gee, I wonder who took the picture of you holding zoe.... great picture!